• Conjecture 2014 / Conchord 26:
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Conjecture 2014

Join us this October 10-12, 2014 for the 12th Annual Conjecture and ConChord at the Town & Country Resort Hotel as we celebrate our theme of Life, Death, and Beyond with our Guests of Honor:

Author - Chelsea Quinn Yarboro
Artist - Sue Dawe

ConChord 2014

ConChord Guests of Honor include:

Filker - Bill Roper
InterFilk Guests: Matt Leger &
Mary Mulholland

About SanSFiS

Conjecture and ConChord are sponsored by SansFis Inc. - A San Diego 501(c)3 non-profit 100% volunteer organization of dedicated fans working to promote the field of speculative fiction in all its genres (science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, etc.) and forms (books, movies, fanzines, drama, etc.)

The Conjecture/ConChord web site has been updated with a downloadable dealer’s registration packet, art show registration packet, and fan group table registration packet. If you belong to any of those three groups, please check those out under the EXHIBITS area. We still have plenty of room in all three areas, but don’t wait until the last minute!

We’ve also added new bio information for our artist GOH, Sue Dawe, and our ConChord GOH, Bill Roper, plus a revised Contact page and an updated Staff List.

See you in October!



We hope to see you at WonderCon this coming April 18-20, 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Be sure to stop by our Fan Table located at location F-15 to get updates on our honored guests, upcoming promotional parties, art show, and vendor information!

It gives me great pleasure to announce Conjecture/ConChord’s Guests of Honor for 2014:

Author Guest of Honor: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Artist Guest of Honor: Sue Dawe

Filk Guest of Honor: Bill Roper

Interfilk Guests: Matt Leger & Mary Mulholland

We hope to see you in 2014!