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Conjecture 2014

Join us this October 10-12, 2014 for the 12th Annual Conjecture and ConChord at the Town & Country Resort Hotel as we celebrate our theme of Life, Death, and Beyond with our Guests of Honor:

Author - Chelsea Quinn Yarboro
Artist - Sue Dawe

ConChord 2014

ConChord Guests of Honor include:

Filker - Bill Roper
InterFilk Guests: Matt Leger &
Mary Mulholland
Marilyn Miller

About SanSFiS

Conjecture and ConChord are sponsored by SansFis Inc. - A San Diego 501(c)3 non-profit 100% volunteer organization of dedicated fans working to promote the field of speculative fiction in all its genres (science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, etc.) and forms (books, movies, fanzines, drama, etc.)

We expect the following artists to exhibit in our Art Show:

Peri Charlifu
Sarah Clemens
Conjecture (Charlotte Smail)
Daniel Cortopassi
Tobbie Whitebird Crowe
Charlene D’Alessio
Sue Dawe
Georgina Ferenz
Jennifer Garstang
Patricia Hartman
Cynthia Lohry
Theresa Mather
Betsy    Mott
Thomas Rucktenwald
Ralph Ryan
Brandy Stark
Wendy Van Camp
Lubov Yegudin




Artists may apply to exhibit in the Art Show. Download the Art Show packet.

Conjecture 2014 Art Show Rules for Artists

Welcome to the Conjecture Art Show. We’d like you to invite you to put your artwork in our show. We are an established convention in San Diego, sponsored by the San Diego Speculative Fiction Society. The convention will take place October 10 to 12, 2014, at the Town & Country Resort (off of Hotel Circle). You do not need to be a member of the convention to have artwork in the show, but you do need a one if you are planning to attend and do anything more than just hang and take down your artwork. Our show is being run by an experienced crew with more than a few art shows under their belt, and full accounting will be provided to all artists who sell artwork. There are just a few rules, all of which are for your safety and protection.

Each 4’x 4′ pegboard panel or 1/2 table will be $15 each. A limit of 2 panels and/or table spaces (for 3D artwork) per artist, we want everyone to have a chance at space. If you feel you need more, you can make a request, and we will try to accommodate you if there is space when the show opens. A 10% commission will be taken on all sales – we take care of the sales tax, of course. And please take into account the amount of artwork you wish to send when making reservations – if you get 2 panels, and send artwork that could only fit on 4 panels, you will be limited to only 2 panels – some of your artwork will not get hung.

Art show space cannot be reserved until payment is made – so be sure to send a cheque when you fill out your application (make your cheque out to “Conjecture”). When your application is received, you will be assigned an artist number and be sent all the paperwork you will need.

All artwork must have accompanying paperwork with it (that is, control sheet and bid sheets). All artwork must have the artist’s name, title, and the control number on it in some manner (in case the art gets separated from the bid sheet). Control and bid sheets MUST be legibly printed, and completely filled out (if we can’t read your writing, then we can’t send you a cheque – neither one of us wants that).

Mail-in artwork will be accepted, but be certain to send a cheque for return postage along with the artwork for at least the amount it cost you to send it to us. If you do not send money in for return postage, the amount will be deducted from sales (if any). If you make no sales, we will contact you, and make arrangements to ship your artwork back to you. Money collected for return mailing that is not actually used will be returned, of course. Please send your artwork in a box that will be suitable for shipping it back to you.

All mail-in artwork must be received by October 3 – artwork arriving after that date cannot be guaranteed to be in the show. Please be sure to send your artwork in plenty of time – artwork that arrives after the show can’t very well be in the show (don’t laugh – it’s happened). All mail-in artwork must be sent to:

Conjecture Art Show

c/o Glen Wooten

Post Office Box 1376

Lemon Grove, CA 91946-1376