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Conjecture 2014

Join us this October 10-12, 2014 for the 12th Annual Conjecture and ConChord at the Town & Country Resort Hotel as we celebrate our theme of Life, Death, and Beyond with our Guests of Honor:

Author - Chelsea Quinn Yarboro
Artist - Sue Dawe

ConChord 2014

ConChord Guests of Honor include:

Filker - Bill Roper
InterFilk Guests: Matt Leger &
Mary Mulholland
Marilyn Miller

About SanSFiS

Conjecture and ConChord are sponsored by SansFis Inc. - A San Diego 501(c)3 non-profit 100% volunteer organization of dedicated fans working to promote the field of speculative fiction in all its genres (science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, etc.) and forms (books, movies, fanzines, drama, etc.)


Sue Dawe

Conjecture 2014 Artist Guest of Honor Sue Dawe

Although Sue Dawe works on a variety of themes with different media she is best known for her fantasy airbrush artwork. A graduate in animal science/pre-veterinary medicine from San Luis Obispo’s Cal Poly University, Sue has always found inspiration in the animal world for her creations of imagination.

A creative writer by hobby, Sue has sketched a career as a visual storyteller, and colored it with her own unique and distinctive style. Her images evoke surreal dreamscapes populated by fantastic characters both human and mythical, transporting viewers to worlds that might have been.

Her work has been published world-wide on posters and prints, greeting cards, back-to-school products, fabric arts, calendars and porcelain collectable plates.

Sue enjoys fantasy and period costume design, and teaching painting at San Diego Miramar College. She frequently attends science-fiction conventions, where she has been known, on occasion, to participate in late night high jinks.  Sue resides in Ramona with her husband Michael, border collies Floss and Andy, and several equines.